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      1. Our plan of action to make revolution
      On the Recent Expulsions
      “Cast Aside Illusions and Prepare For Struggle”
      Against Liquidationism
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      On the Recent Expulsions

      It has come to our attention that an expelled member of the party, Brendan Copegog-White, is now openly denying the reasons for his expulsion––namely, sexual assault––naming the victim, and claiming he was the one taken advantage of. To be clear, when the CC became aware of the accusations (allegations of non-consensual sex, manipulation, and grooming) […]

      “Cast Aside Illusions and Prepare For Struggle”

      With the rise of fascism, and the election of reactionary provincial politicians, the upcoming federal election will partially function to restructure the left’s political consciousness around the neo-liberal project. Trotting out the reactionary policies of Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, and Fran?ois Legault, the mainstream left will again proclaim that it is immoral to boycott or […]

      Against Liquidationism

      Recently a number of our leading cadre have chosen to resign and at least one has done so publicly. The express reasons for this resignation is that the party and the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is inadequate for the needs of the Canadian proletariat. Moreover, these former comrades have decided to start a new organizing aimed […]

      Remembering Oka: Political Power Grows from the Barrel of a Gun!

      Today, July 11th, marks the 29-year anniversary of the Oka Crisis, a historic moment for the Indigenous people of Canada in their fight against imperialism and settler-colonialism. The Crisis, which lasted for just over two months, arose due to the unjust encroachment of the Canadian state onto the territory and land of the Mohawk People. […]

      On the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry

      Now that the inquiry on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIW) has been released only the most callous reactionary can pretend that the violence faced by Indigenous women is not endemic. The numbers are clear and indicate a pattern that cannot be dismissed as coincidental or the result of random criminals victimizing vulnerable […]

      If You Do Not Hit It Then It Will Not Fall! An Analysis of the Canadian Yellow-Vest Movement and Anti-Fascist Activity in Vancouver

      The rise of the Yellow-Vest movement in France has sparked a renewed wave of class struggle, with spontaneous mass protests radiating outwards from France and taking root in neighbouring countries like Belgium and the Netherlands. This movement is born in the struggle against the crises imposed by decaying capitalism. These crises continue to impose harsher […]

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